100% Authentic Only.

Every pair is carefully inspected of each details to ensure NO fakes make it through our system.


Here are some of our general authentication standards for verifying our sneakers:

1. Inspect the packaging: The packaging of the sneaker is inspected carefully. We are looking for any misspellings, inconsistencies in the logo or design, and the quality of the packaging.

2. Check the stitching: The stitching of the sneaker is inspected carefully. Authentic sneakers will have clean, consistent stitching with no loose threads.

3. Verify the materials: The materials used in the construction of the sneaker are checked to ensure they are of high quality. We pay attention to the texture, feel, and color of the materials.

4. Examine the sole: The sole of the sneaker is inspected for any signs of wear or discoloration. The tread pattern should be consistent and clean.

5. Inspect the logo and branding: The logo and branding on the sneaker are inspected carefully. We make sure they are aligned correctly, with no misspellings or inconsistencies.

6. Look for the serial number: Most authentic sneakers will have a unique serial number. We verify the serial number against the manufacturer's database to confirm authenticity.


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